Monday, April 8, 2013

I think I have a bit of sleep anxiety. When I go to bed, if I know that I'll need to be awake in a mere 5 hours, it seems impossible to fall asleep. The harder I try, the more awake I become. You know the feeling? I wish I could be more like HH, who somehow manages to fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

But speaking of pillows (see how good I am a segues?)

HH and I have been married almost two years, but up till now, we've only had a sad little pillow, sitting lonely on our couch. I mean, the pillow itself is nice, but one small pillow on a three person couch just doesn't cut it. (Even the Moose looks puzzled by the lacklustre pillow). Those were sad, grey times.

please disregard all the dog hair on the couch...
So I made us some pillows. And then I made some more for some friendlies. And 8 hours one day, and three hours another day later, I was done! We went from one pillow to eight. SUPERHEROES!

(All of them have different fabric on the back and hidden zippers; ours have a chevron pattern, which I personally think is super lovely.)

And the Moose? Well, she still looks puzzled. But I guess when you go from zero to hero, that's pretty understandable.


  1. nice colors; good job on return to blog world, i'm so inconsistent!



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